Pokemon mini charms

Pokemon mini charms




Super cute acrylic mini charm of different designs character inspired in pokemon

+20 designs available

A cute and funny handmade keychain made by me.

Size: 3cm

Double side printed!

Material: acrylic transparent – with a epoxi layer front side

if you may notice some irregularities on the edge of the sticker, but do not affect the design and functionality of the product. Colors may vary slightly from the original due to lighting on the screen. ♥

– This is a fan art –

Additional information

Weight 0,02 kg
Key chain

Wooper, Cyndaquil, Pikachu, Smoliv, Oshawott, Fidough, Fuecoco, Swablu, Sableye, Hisui Growlithe, Wooper Hat, Bidoff, Joltik, Rowlet, Spheal, Sewadle, Totodile, Spinda, MimeJR, Pumpkaboo, Pawmi, Larvitar, Mudkip, Mimikyu, Meganium, Sprigatito, Venonat, Quaxly, Togepi, Psydass, Shaymin, Trapinch, Pachirisu, Dragapult, Trubbish, Magikarp, Haunter, Litten, Gastly, Gengar, Bunneary, Reuniclus, Jirachi, Arcanine, Growlithe, Zorua, Cubone, Sobble, Snorlax, Litwick, Chikorita, Shinx, Squirtle, Lilligant, Chinchou, Snubbull, Oshawott 2, Piplup, Drifflon, Azumarill