Pokemon stickers

Pokemon stickers

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Super cute different pokemon vinyl and waterproof stickers

+20 designs available

Finished in a glossy vinyl laminate, water resistant and very durable. They are not transparent (like my other stickers)

Different sizes between 6-7.5cm

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Sticker Design

Dittolover, Cyndaquil, Fuecoco, Swablu, Haunter, Hisui Growlithe, Wooper Hat, Bidoff, Joltik, Rowlet, Spheal, Sewadle, Totodile, Spinda, MimeJR, Pawmi, Larvitar, Crying Gengar, Gengar, Mimikyu, Feebas, Gastly, Psydass, Lilligant, Snubbul, Sprigatito, Shinx